Maple Bucket All-Star Challenge

Maple Bucket 2012
Maple Bucket in 2012
Maple Bucket 2013
Maple Bucket in 2013
2009 - Ogdensburg Pepsi over Lowville Bellers 7-1@ SUNY Canton's Turf Field
2010 - Watertown F.C. over CKON 4-2 @ SUNY Potsdam Turf Field 
2011 - Tug Hill Summer Soccer over North Country Summer Soccer 5-2* @ SUNY Potsdam Turf Field
2012 - Tug Hill Summer Soccer over North Country Summer Soccer 8-1 @ Lowville Turf Field
2013 - North Country Summer Soccer over Tug Hill Summer Soccer 2-1 @ SUNY Potsdam Turf Field
*2011 was the first year the All-Star Game was used to pay for the Maple Bucket.  Tug Hill was short players, so some North Country Summer Soccer Players played for Tug Hill


Tug Hill Summer Soccer All-Stars (In Orange): Standing left to right: Ben Hitchcock, Cody Carpenter, Caleb Houppert, Melvin Zehr, Travis Clarke, Wyatt Carpenter, Christian Johnson, Jamie Merrell
Kneeling...Jared Crill, Mike Beller, Nate Pleskatch, Anthony Anastasia, Nick Matuszczak, Zach Fish
North Country Summer Soccer All-Stars (In Green): Standing, left to right: Shawn Lillie (Potsdam), Mark Misiak (Potsdam), Colby King-Jacobs (CKON), Sasha Tokarev (Amp), Al Davis (Massena S&L), Siahr Siddiki (Amp), Mike Yeh (Amp), Brandon Albert (Massena S&L), Jordan Spears (Frary), Matt LeVac (Massena SeaComm), Rick Gilchrist (Massena SeaComm), Ben Steinburg (Potsdam), Jordan Kendall (Massena SeaComm)
Kneeling left to right: Grant Sharlow (Potsdam), Storm Adams (CKON), Travis Jordan (Canton), Zack Votra (Potsdam), Colby Young (Canton), Brek Murray (Pepsi), Mike O'Neil (Pepsi), Ricky Stevenson (Frary), Kelly Geary (Lisbon), Tony Betrus (Potsdam)

Game Summary:
A well played game overall, with Travis Jordan from NCSS scoring early in the first half.  Zack Fish tied the game late in the first half for Tug Hill Summer Soccer.  After a second half that had the majority of the chances going for North Country Summer Soccer, including a shot off the crossbar from Ricky Stevenson, Mike Yeh scored with 5 minutes to go for the game winner.  Goalkeepers for both teams (Ben Hitchcok for Tug Hill, Sasha Tokarev Ben Steinburg, Jordan Kendall, and Al Davis for NCSS) played well, making some key saves in both halves.  Next year the game will be played in Lowville.

Standing, left to right: Mark Misiak (Potsdam), Colby King-Jacobs (CKON), Siahr Siddiki (Amp), Storm Adams (CKON), Brandon Albert (Massena S&L), Travis Jordan (Canton), Matt LeVac (Massena SeaComm), Brek Murray (Pepsi), Sean Lillie (Potsdam), Mike Yeh (Amp), Colby Young (Canton), Zack Votra (Potsdam), Mike O'Neil (Pepsi), Ricky Stevenson (Frary), Jordan Spears (Frary)
Kneeling, left to right: Kelly Geary (Lisbon), Tony Betrus (Potsdam), Sasha Tokarev (Amp), Ben Steinburg (Potsdam), Jordan Kendall (Massena SeaComm), Al Davis (Massena S&L), Grant Sharlow (Potsdam), Rick Gilchrist (Massena SeaComm).

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