Team Name: Ogdensburg 2
Team Sponsor: Amp
Team Colors: Lime
Captain Name: JP Burns
Captain 1st Phone: 315-796-0182.
Captain E-Mail: burns128@hotmail.com
Assistant Captain: Jordan Kendall
Assistant Captain Phone: 315-869-0879
Assistant Captain E-Mail:
Field Location: Ogdensburg High School / Ogdensburg Kennedy School
Field Contact Person:
Tony Bjork
Field Contact Person Address: 801-809 Park St., Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Field Contact Person Fax: 393-2767
Field Contact Phone: 393-0900


Team Name: Canton
Team Sponsor: Hoot Owl / North Country Savings Bank
Team Colors: Red
Captain Name:  Travis Jordan
Captain 1st Phone: 315-262-7044 (Cell)
Captain E-Mail: Jordantl195@potsdam.edu
Assistant CaptainColby Young
Assistant Captain Phone315-854-6729
Assistant Captain E-Mail: young176@canton.edu
Field Location: Canton High School
Field Contact Person: Jodi Belair
Field Contact Person Address: MISSING
Field Contact Person Fax#: (315) 386-4614
Field Contact Person Phone#:(315)386-8561 ext 4346
Field Contact E-Mail: jbelair@ccsdk12.org
Team Name: Lisbon
Team Sponsor: St. Lawrence County Federal Credit Union
Team Colors: Gold
Captain Name: Richard Marcellus
Captain 1st Phone: 323-3389 (cell); 713-4562 (home)
Captain E-Mail: marcellusd@lisbon.k12.ny.us
Assitant Captain: Darrell Hayden
Assistant Captain Phone: 528-9401
Assistant Captain E-Mail: haydendarrell@ymail.com
Field Location: Lisbon Central School
Field Contact Person: Dicky Marcellus or Ed Charlton
Field Contact Person: Address:6866 CR 10, Lisbon, NY 13658
Field Contact Person E-mail#: marcellusd@lisbon.k12.ny.us
Field Contact Person Phone#: 393-4951
Team Name: Potsdam
Team Sponsor: CJ's / Chip's Place
Team ColorsRoyal Blue
Captain Name: Tony Betrus
Captain 1st Phone315-323-4456 (Cell)
Captain E-Mail: betrusak@potsdam.edu
Assistant Captain: Mark Misiak
Assistant Captain Phone: 518-335-6310
Assistant Captain E-Mail: misiakmj@potsdam.edu
Field Location: SUNY Potsdam
Field Contact Person: Dustin Smith
Field Contact Person Address: Maxcy Hall, 44 Pierrepont Ave. Potsdam, NY 13676
Field Contact Person E-mail#: smithdj@potsdam.edu
Field Contact Person Phone#: 315-267-2305
Team Name: Ogdensburg
Team Sponsor: Pepsi/The Place
Team Colors: White w/Blue & Red
Captain Name: Matt Gladle
Captain 1st Phone: (315)-528 4448

Captain Address: 809 Caroline St., Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Captain E-Mail: g-manstaxi@hotmail.com
Assitant CaptainMike O'Neil
Assistant Captain Phone323-3941; 393-1355
Assistant Captain E-Mail
Field Location
Ogdensburg High School / Ogdensburg Kennedy School
Field Contact Person: Tony Bjork
Field Contact Person Address: 801-809 Park St., Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Field Contact Person Fax: 393-2767
Field Contact Phone: 393-0900
Team Name: Ogdensburg 3

Team Sponsor
: Buster's Sports Bar
Team Colors
: Forest Green
Captain Name
: Chris Axtel
Captain 1st Phone:  315-276-9960
Captain 2nd Phone:
Captain E-Mail
Assistant Captain
Noah Moore 
Assistant Captain Phone
Assistant Captain E-Mail
Field Location
 721 Hasbrouck St, Ogdensburg NY 13669.  When you are on  68 come straight and you see Burger King in front of you, take a right McDonalds will be on your right, go straight approximately 4 Blocks, and Boys and Girls Club on your right. And the Boys and Girls club and the Knights of Columbus are hooked together.
Field Contact PersonTony Bjork
Field Contact Person Address801-809 Park St., Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Field Contact Person Fax: 393-2767
Field Contact Phone: 393-0900

Team Name: Colton
Team Sponsor:
 S&L Electric
Team Colors: Yellow

Captain Name: Cole Hennessy
Captain Phone:
Captain E-Mail: Cole.Hennessy@jsc.edu
Assitant Captain: 
Jeremy Dunning 
Assistant Captain Phone: 
Assistant Captain E-Mail: 
Assitant Captain: Gyle Dominy 
Assistant Captain Phone: 

Assistant Captain E-Mail: 

Field Location: South Colton Swift Field
Field Contact Person: Darin Richards

Field Contact Person Address:MISSING
Field Contact Person E-mail#: MISSING
Field Contact Person Phone#: 3152444464

Team Name: Heuvelton T&C Cornerstone
Team Sponsor: Cornerstone Wesleyan Church, Town & Country Vet Clinic
Team Colors: Purple and Gold
Captain Name:Nate Goodell
Captain Phone: 315-600-8544
Captain E-Mail: ngoodell@taitem.com
Co-Captain: Jeff Brock
Co-Captain Phone: 315 854 2225
Co-Captain E-Mail: brockjeff8@gmail.com
Field Location: Heuvelton
Field Contact Person: Dave Steele
Field Contact Person Address: Heuvelton Central School
Field Contact Person E-mail: dsteele@heuvelton.k12.ny.us
Field Contact Person Phone#: 315-244-6698

Team Name: Edwards
Team Sponsor: Curran Renewable, Scott T Sales, Blevins Motors
Team Colors: Black
Captain Name: Ben Rulffes
Captain Phone: 315-854-0902
Captain E-Mail: b.rulffes@gmail.com
Co-Captain: Jon Davison
Co-Captain Phone: 315-778-8732
Co-Captain E-Mail: j20davison@yahoo.com
Field Location: Edwards-Knox Central School
Field Contact Person: Rob White
Field Contact Person Address: 2512 County Route 24, Edwards, NY 13635
Field Contact Person E-mail: rwhite@ekcsk12.org
Field Contact Person Phone#: 315-562-8131

Jeff James (Referee Coordinator): 212-9302 (Cell);268-0539 (Home); 268-0155 (Work) jeffjames035@yahoo.com
Andy Devins - (Women's League Commissioner) 384-4389 adevins@yahoo.ca
Vikki Lavean - (Insurance Representative at Rose and Kiernan Insurance) VLaVean@rkinsurance.com   265-2341 x4503
Nick Matuszczak - (Commissioner Tugg Hill League) twoshack@hotmail.com

Journal Sports: 393-1000

17. Game Reporting - On the night of the game the home team is responsible for reporting game scores, scorers, GK Saves, and yellow and red cards (although both teams are encouraged to submit this information). Print this form, and then e-mail/text a scan/photo to betrusak@potsdam.edu & scott@hireawebgeek.com, or text this information to Scott Wilhelm @ 315-854-2657. Do this by 10:00 p.m. on game night. Note: Contact Scott to gain direct access to the web site.

A $5.00 per team fee will be assessed for each time a home team does not report the game scores (by either e-mail, text, or both) by 10:00 p.m. on game nights.

Last updated 5/18/2017