2000 Rulesand Regulations


1. All rules - Not covered hereinshall be played as standard federation (high school) rules.

2. Ties - One ten minute sudden-deathovertime (11 players per team). First team that scores wins. Playoff overtimegames consist of two 15 minute sudden-death overtimes followed by a shootoutif necessary.

3. Substitutions - Players may enterthe game on goal kicks by either team, own team's corner kick, AND ownteam's throw-in.

4. Roster - Use of non-roster orsuspended players will results in a forfeit. Final rosters are due July8th at the All-Star game meeting.  Players may play ononly one team.  If a player plays for any team, that player may onlyplay for that team for the remainder of the season.  Playing for asecond team results in a forfeit for the second team for each game playedwith that player.

5. Fields - Two nets and four flagsare required. If no flags are available, cones may be used. The field mustin playable condition (ie. Mowed and lined). Referees have the right torequire the home team to pay for both officials in the case of a fieldthat not lined and mowed yet is marginally playable, or they may call aforfeit against the home team if the field is completely unplayable.

6. Forfeits - The forfeiting teampays both referees half-game fee ($50). Three forfeits and the team issuspended for the remainder of the season and playoffs. In the case ofgames which are pre-empted by weather, the discretion of the referee, orother reason: if the game has played through the 1st half, thenthe score stands. If the game is halted prior to the first half, then theentire game must be replayed (Red and Yellow cards will be recorded inthis case, although goals will not). In the case where the game is stoppedin the second half (due to weather or otherwise), the game's score at thetime the game was stopped will be the final score. Note: extreme cases,such as a leading by one goal in the second half and down two players startinga brawl, resulting in the game being stopped, will be reviewed on a case-by-casebasis by the league board.

7. Referees - A two referee systemwill be used unless there is a shortage of officials. If no referees arepresent then the HONOR SYSTEM will be used. In this case only the fouledplayer may make the call. Any player may call a hand ball. All free kicksinside the penalty area become direct kicks outside the penalty area. Whenthe honor system is used all calls are final - NO ARGUING. When refereesare used, their decisions are also final.

8. Offsides - When referees arenot available, the HONOR SYSTEM will be employed. Only the last defendermay make the call, and it must be made before a shot is attempted.

9. Red-Yellow Cards - Any playerwho has accumulated two yellow cards in one game must sit out after receivingthe second, but may participate in the following game. The carded player'steam will not play a man down. Red cards follow standard federation rules,with the carded player sitting out the remainder of the game and the followinggame, and the player's team playing a man down for the remainder of thegame in which the card was issued. The accumulation of 4 yellow cards inthe season will warrant a one game suspension. VIOLENT red cards will carrya stiffer penalty, and will be brought up with the league board. 1 redcard in the season = 1 game suspension, 2 red cards = 2 game suspension,3 red cards = suspension from the league (for a period decided upon bythe league board, at least for the remainder of the season). Dissentingby word or action against the referee's call may result in a yellow orred card, as well as any further suspension as deemed necessary by theleague board. There are no team red cards, instead, if a team isdeemed sufficiently out of control by the referee, the game can be called.

10. Game Time - Game start timesallow for a 15 minute grace period. If not otherwise listed in the schedule,game start times are 6:30. Please refer to the schedule prior to each gameday. Each team must have 7 players to play or they will have to forfeit.

11. Jerseys - If a conflict arisespertaining to color, the home team may have to go with t-shirts. Teamsshould make arrangements in advance. All new jerseys are required to havenumbers on the back that correspond to a given player on that teams rosterfor the duration of the season.

12. Rescheduling - Captains mustbe notified prior to the game before the game in question, otherwise theopposing team does not have to comply. The referee assigner must be notifiedof all changes by teams requesting the changes.

13. Clock - The officials will keeptime on the field. Forty-five minute running time halves will be used.If no referee is present, the home team will keep the time. No more than10 minutes between halves (no time outs). Referee can stop the clock forcards, injured players, or delay of game.

14. Referee Payment - The cost ofreferees is $50.00 per game, unless the referee has to travel over 25 milesto the game, in which case the cost is $55, paid for by the home team.If both officials travel over 25 miles, then both teams will pay $55.00.Quarter-finals, semi-finals, and Finals are paid for through league fees.

15. E-mail scores in - On the nightof the game the home team is responsible for reporting game scores. Teamsmust e-mail the scores in tobetrusak@potsdam.edu.Please try to include details such as who scored, assists, saves, shutouts,etc . . .). You may also wish to contact the Ogdensburg Journal at 393-1000

16. Shin Guards - are mandatoryfor all players.

17. All players will be checkedfor jewelry, shin guards, and proper cleats (no metal cleats allowed) beforethe game starts.

18. All league money - Will be heldin a checking account under the North Country Summer Soccer League.

19. Fines - In the continuing effortsto keep the league clean, players will pay a fine of $5.00 per red card,and $3.00 per yellow card. Money will be taken from your deposit moneyfor cards. If a team goes over their bond fee during the year, they willnot participate in the playoffs until fines are paid.

20. Offensive Language - will notbe tolerated. Any vulgarity or fighting could result in suspension fromthe league (upon review by the league).

21. Alcohol, Tobacco, and other drugs- Public facilities, including high schools and colleges in New York Stateare a drug-free zone. No alcohol, tobacco, or any other drugs are permittedon school grounds under any circumstances.

22. Suspension - Players may besuspended for accumulating yellow/red cards, or for serious offenses, asdetermined by the league judicial board (comprised of all team captains).Suspension for the remainder of the season is the usual result of an accumulationof cards, although the judicial board may assign a more serious penalty.In the cases where players accumulate enough cards for suspension for theremainder of the season AND no additional penalty is assigned, playersare usually eligible to return to the league the following year with aprobationary status.

22. Reinstatement into the league- Players suspended to do an accumulation of cards are usually eligibleto return to the league the following year on a probationary status (unlessthey were on probation the previous year, in which case they would comebefore the judicial board for more serious measures, possibly includingpermanent suspension). Players suspended do to serious problems (fighting,inappropriate language, exposure of body parts, etc. . . ) will be suspendedfor a minimum of one calendar year. After one calendar year, players mayappeal for reinstatement. Players wishing to be reinstated must send aformal letter requesting reinstatement to the league commissioner. Theleague judicial board (comprised of the captains from all teams) will reviewcases for reinstatement before the season begins or at the all-star break.The player requesting reinstatement will then attend the meeting, and atthe meeting a presentation of the specific events leading to suspensionwill be presented. An anonymous vote of the team captains (at least 3/4of team captains must be present for the vote to be official) will determinewether or not the player will be reinstated. A two-thirds majority of votesin favor or reinstatement will allow the player to return to the leaguewith a probationary status. In the case where a reinstatement request isrejected, the player may request reinstatement again 1 calendar year fromthe decision.

23. Probation - All suspended playersreturning to the league will be held to a high standard of sportsmanship.Accumulation of cards for probationary players is as follows: 1 red card= 2 game suspension. 2 red cards=season suspension (including playoffs)(4 accumulated yellow cards=1 red card). Additionally, the judicial boardmay review the players probationary status at any time before, during,or after the season. If the player accumulates 1 red card (or equivalent)during the season, the probationary status will carry over to the followingseason. If the player accumulates no red cards (or equivalent), the probationarystatus is usually removed, and the player is then allowed to participatenormally the following year. Final Note: Players who have been suspendedfor a calendar year in the past due to serious offenses are on a permanentprobation of sorts. Specifically, should another suspension based on aserious incident occur, that player would be banned permanently from theleague.